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Business Information


At Wee Piggies we want to invite all of you to become a part of our family. Our personal one on one experience is what sets us apart in our industry. We want to welcome you into our studios and establish a special experience of creating your loved ones’ keepsake. We strive to make each and every product with the utmost pride and care. We are in the business of remembrance and making time stand still and we will continually strive to provide you with the highest quality products available. We further commit to operating our company in a manner that focuses on giving moms the opportunity to work from home, essentially to “have it all” and to promote women in business.

We are proud work at home Mommas, and we love what we do.


Debbie Cornelius – Wee Piggies has been life casting since 2001.   The whole thing began as an innocent attempt to preserve Debbie’s daughters’ handprints to give to her husband as a unique Father’s Day gift.

Being on maternity leave (and missing her sales and marketing career), provided Debbie the time and motivation to do all the research and development required to eventually (after much trial and error), produce an adorable, exact replica of her daughters’ tiny hands onto a piece of art she was proud to hang on her wall.

It was not long before Debbie’s friends (and then their friends) began asking if she could do their child’s handprints. Debbie knew instinctively there was a market for this product and that she could essentially turn this into the most perfect work-at-home job for herself and her family.

Soon afterwards, customers began coming to Debbie from hours away. In addition to telling her she had the most perfect ‘dream job’, they began asking Debbie to teach them how to do this so they too, could work from home.

She researched work-at-home opportunities and could find nothing even remotely similar to this. Debbie knew instantly this was what she wanted to do – to show Moms everywhere how to begin and manage a business of their own – how to find the balance in their lives which she had found in hers.

The choice to expand came from a belief of hers that if you are going to do something, you should do it right and give it all you’ve got!

Through much determination and assistance and support from her husband and family, she began working on what we believe is the most perfect work-at-home business a Mom could have.

Looking back, Debbie is so proud of how this business has grown, what it has developed into and mostly what it means to business owners and their families.

Each of our more than 40 Mom-Preneurs contributes a little bit of themselves and their strengths into this business and this is what continues to make it flourish.

Thank you for your interest in our brand and we hope you help spread the word about this unique keepsake and work-at-home opportunity.


Your friends at Wee Piggies”


Our Concept

Wee Piggies is an award-winning Business Concept developed by a Mom – for a Mom.

Designed around the concept of what the ‘perfect’ work-at-home business would mean to a busy Mom, Wee Piggies has experienced growth at an astounding rate, quickly becoming the largest Children’s Casting Company in North America

Workshop Trainees receive professional hands-on training not only on ‘how’ to produce products, but also how to market and develop their business over time.

Each are given the tools, materials and knowledge to help them succeed in owning their own business.

This sense of pride in owning your own business, while at the same time, the flexibility to work around your family’s schedule enables women to achieve the ‘balance’ every Mom desires.

With over 40 locations throughout North America, and a Head Office developing the business full-time, our ‘Wee Piggies’ never feel like they are in business alone, therefore greatly increasing the chance of success!

Meet the team

Jamie Lee Berube, President and Creative Director

Cambridge Wee PiggiesBefore joining Head Office in November of 2012, Jamie owned and operated a successful Wee Piggies franchise. Her formal training in Sales, Leadership Development, and E-Commerce Management has helped to grow a strong business model, while her tech savvy capabilities and the drive to learn the current trends, has brought the company new technological advancements. Her commitment to product development and quality has continued to make Wee Piggies the leader in our industry.

A mom to three, and married to her college sweetheart, Shawn, Jamie loves to spend her time surrounded by TONS of family, socializing with friends and travelling whenever time allows.

Jamie has put her heart and soul into Wee Piggies. Her passion and enthusiasm of the company and dedication to our franchisees is the pillar to our success.

Jennifer Tsoutouras, Director of Franchise Development

For the past sixteen years, Jennifer has worked in Business Management and Executive Administration and before joining our team at Head Office, she owned and operated one of our Wee Piggies franchises. Jennifer has always had a passion for creativity and being a leader in the world of small business. Wee Piggies has given her the opportunity to help deliver this same passion to the “work at home mom” who also shares this ambition. Jennifer brings her skills in business strategies and operations to help further expand and develop our franchise.

Originally from Ottawa ON, Jennifer has lived in Nova Scotia as well as Newfoundland. Fourteen years ago she moved back to Ontario and now calls Whitby home. Her husband, Chris, and three children are the reason she is driven to bring the Wee Piggies home-based franchise to women who want to be in business for themselves while still having a strong connection to their families.

Benefits of joining our team

Purchasing a Wee Piggies Training Package will enable you to jumpstart your business from the day you get home   from training.

There is no research, product or marketing development required; everything has all been done for you!

Due to our size and the volume we purchase as a group, we have been able to secure you the best possible pricing and discounts on top-quality frames, materials and supplies.

We have also combined the greatest ideas and resources
from over 40 Moms like you who are doing this same business
and we share these all with you (on an on-going basis).

Other benefits of joining our team are:

  • Affordable initial investment
    – much less than setting up a comparable business on your own
  • Low overhead/ minimal on-going expenses
  • Absolutely NO on-going franchise fees or royalties (this is not a Franchise)
  • Hands-on 2 day training/workshop
  • All materials, tools and start-up supplies included
  • Ongoing support from head office and fellow Wee Piggies
  • You can choose to use our award-winning website as a powerful marketing tool
  • Access to templates (postcards, business cards, ads, signage, etc)
  • Use of all marketing materials and templates
  • Full access to our suppliers/volume discounts and custom-made materials
  • No minimum or maximum sales quotas; you control how hard and how many hours you work (and in turn, of course, how well you do)
  • Flexible work schedule tailored around you and your family
  • A tremendous sense of self-satisfaction in becoming a member of the business community in owning your own business
  • Pride in having the ability to produce one-of-a-kind pieces of art (knowing that what you create will likely be a parents treasured possession)
  • With so many women to rely on, and so much information to access, you will never feel like you are alone; help and support will always be available to assist you in resolving issues that inevitably come up in any business
  • Being involved with Wee Piggies means you are in business for yourself, but never by yourself!

Our Ideal Candidate

Along with a sincere love of children, we have found the most successful ‘Wee Piggies’ are highly motivated, organized Moms with a strong desire to succeed.

Our ideal candidate is also:

  • Self-motivated
  • Open-minded
  • Friendly and outgoing
    (not nervous approaching new alliances and/or trying new things)
  • Detail Oriented
  • Willing to be a team player and share winning ideas amongst the group

Artistic ability is an asset but not at all essential

Request for more Information

Thank you for reading through our information, I hope you found it helpful.

If this is something you can envision yourself doing, please
send me an e-mail; I would love to hear from you.

Kindly include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your full address
  • Your phone number
  • A bit about yourself and what you are looking for in a home-based business.

Thanks again, I hope to speak with you soon,


Jamie Berube
Founder Wee Piggies